August 7

Ukalale jammin —

  Two days in a row we were welcomed to a Compassion Center with music. Today it was drums playing question and answer rhythms with the teacher. I pulled out my ukalale and they all wanted me to play, and then they all wanted to play. I spent much of the day helping kids play a C chord (it’s only one finger). A few of the kids got a good puns right away and I showed them an F chord as well. There was one little girl in particular who kept coming back and by the end of the day she was going back and forth between the two chords like a champ. This kids don’t get music in their public school, so the Compassion center is their only opportunity to get any kind of formal musical experience. 
This is one of many things the Compassion centers provide to kids around the globe. This center also provided cooking and Taekwando lessons. All center provided spiritual education and hygiene lessons as regular curriculum. These children and their families lives are better because of this program. I can see it as every parent picks up thief child from the center. They know how much good is coming from this place through their child.

Today’s joy is seeing everything, including music, that Compassion International allows these kids to receive. 


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