August 5

Finally here —

  Yesterday and today were strung together with four flights of varying lenghths, plane sizes, and language spoken. But after a short bus ride, we finally arrived at our hotel for the night. A few of us walked the pomonade together getting ourselves wet by the splashes from the very high tide in the rocks. We ate dinner, showered and settled in for the night. We are already acting like a family. I’ve know these people for less than 48 hours, but 48 hours of traveling together is like twoonths of seeing people at work everyday. We already know each other’s food likes and dislikes, who gets travel sickness, who likes what kind of movies, and how they deal with pressure and frustration including last minute terminal changes and lost baggage (not mine). This crew is unique and God stitched for this trip. I can’t wait to see what unfolds.

Today’s joy is knowing we all fit just the way God wants us to.


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