August 2

Dinner with the family — 

  Tonight my parents had me over for dinner before I left on my trip. Tomorrow night was already booked for me, so we scheduled it for tonight. I made baba ganoush as an appetizer. I made it because I picked my first eggplant that I grew  in my backyard the other day and wanted to share the food I made from it with other people. It was the perfect simple five ingredient food. It turned out… okay. Pretty good even, but there is room for improvement. My mom, on the other hand, made a family classic, beef stroganoff. This was a huge family favorite growing up. When I saw that was what she was making I lit up and my mom laughed a little. “It has been a while” And when it was ready we sat down to dinner. My parents, grandfather, sister, and I ate and talked. My mom made peach pie for dessert (gotta love ❤️ living in the garden state in the summer! 🍆🍅🥒🌽🍑). I gave my hugs and kisses goodbye for my trip. On my way home I stopped by a local bee keepers store and got my hometown honey (wildflower). 🍯 Why buy it at the store when these bees used the plants in my neighborhood? 

Today’s joys are family and food.


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