August 1

For real this time —

  All day yesterday I thought it was Tuesday, August 1st. I have no idea how I got the wrong date, but summer makes days of the weeks fairly irrelevant. That is of course unless you are leaving for a trip that week. I got all my plans made for three days of cleaning, packing, and getting errands run. “Tuesday” which ended up actually being Monday went very well, so when I finally fingered it out this morning I thought, “Yes! I can stay in my schedule and have a whole extra day.” So today I packed in my errands in the morning and my chores in the afternoon and evening- even into the night. It has all gone fairly smoothly. I already have 10 things I’d LIKE to do on Thursday if I get the chance. But I’ll hold off in the wants until I get the needs done. 

Today’s joy is having an extra day, and not squandering today.


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