July 23

Sunday Funday– 

   This morning the my sister, my brother and his family, and I walked the Wildwood boardwalk north and the beach south. Once again, just being with each other is all we need. They rides and ocean are just a wonderful setting for being together. Afterward, we went over to my parents house and my mom had made two different kinds of quiche, because, my mother is awesome. That’s right. She is fantastic, not just because of the quiche, there are a million reasons, this is simply one of them. Back to the topic at hand, after a luxurious quiche breakfast with bagels, sausage, and orange juice to boot we continued our family time with an indoor snowball fight (my mom had sowed indoor snowballs for each of us for Christmas last year, another awesomeness reason). My one-year-old nephew squealed as the balls flew over his head. When they hit him he had a the goofiest smile on his face like, “That was fun, do it again.” So we kept at it. Everyone throwing and being hit and giggling. Even the dog got in the action. 

Today’s joy is a snowball fight in July.


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