July 12

Urban Hope – Day 3 —

  Today was another great day with the kids. And personally there are new lessons to learn and better ways to be that appear everyday. As well as looking at your reactions to the kids and situations, realizing how much you’ve grown personally. 

But what I want to share was from tonight. Each student on our team shared their testimonies during our trip. The last two were tonight and after the two girls I asked if they would mind if I shared mine. It is the first time I’ve shared my own story with people in a very long time. It didn’t come out anywhere close to what I had planned. It was out of order and ugly. I cried most of the time; today was a very emotional day for me and I had a mini breakthrough this evening, so it prompted me to want to share. After sharing with the team I felt a peace and a connection I wasn’t sure I had with the team or the people on it before. It was all God growing me in amazing beautiful unexpected ways. He is a great God and a gentle teacher. 

Today’s joy is the joy that comes from self-revelations (truth about myself from God) and His kindness. 


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