July 11

Urban Hope Day 2 —

  Yesterday had brilliant moments of fun and excitement, but it also had its frustrations. The first and second graders were ill behaved the second half of the day, so much so, that they didn’t even get the afternoon Bible lesson. We talked about it in debreif yesterday and made some changes for today. And my word, what a difference! When they were in crafts yesterday they didn’t listen, they threw crayons and got out of their seats constantly. They wriggled under the tables and crawled through to the other end, got up and ran around the table like a game of Duck-Duck-Goose, and upended crying baskets with colors rolling everywhere. When they walked out, 45 minutes after they walked in, I was exhausted. Today, however, they colored and talked and laughed and smiled and told us what they were going to use their new craft to hold; we made baskets from paper plates (a Pinterest win). At the end of the 45 minutes I was sad to see them go. The change in their behavior was sostemoc and was felt in every activity throughout the afternoon. We can only hope tomorrow will go just as well. 

Today’s joy is seeing a problem, brain storming solutions and making changes as needed. Flexible people are happy(ier) people. 

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