July 9

We’ve arrived —

This morning was wonderful at church. Services flew by as we sang and dug into the word. Second service I packed the vans as much as I could. We had time to go home for lunch, do some last minute carry-on packing and house cleaning for me and get back to the church. We rearranged the bags as two very large suitcases came in late and just made our packing limit, but it all got in. Sweaty but ready for the road we packed in the vans. Our excitement was quickly squelched when we hit traffic three miles up the parkway. It took us over an hour to get out of Cape May County! Once we got to the end of the no-good-reason traffic things went much more smoothly. Once we got up to the bridge we hit traffic again, but this was expected and much less upsetting than the first time. Even still, getting out of the vans into the church was VERY welcomed, as were we upon arriving. Pastor John, who runs the Urban Hope VBS and the Freemont Church crew, who mistakenly came this week, were all there to welcome us. We had orientation, ate dinner, got into groups to talk about our VBS areas of focus, got to know each other a little, and put together a spot for ourselves on the floor of the sanctuary with the air mattresses New Hope Church provided. God provided and protected. No close calls or problems on the road. Everything we needed was there at the church when we arrived. The team was in good spirits when we got there, open to the new adventure and the extra team members the day had brought us.

Today’s joy is seeing teens have the right attitude all day and seeing the Lord provide and protect.


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