July 8

Packed and ready to go —

Much like yesterday, today I am just excited about the Staten Island trip. I packed up everything I needed, ran to the store for waterproof sunscreen/bug spray (covered all those bases in one), and picked up the vans we will be driving up the parkway with at Enterprise with Jeff, the leader of the trip. Our vans look identical from the outside with the exception of the license plates. Mine is from NY and his is from MD. They are regular mini vans so I’m not too worried about driving. I adjusted my seat and mirror and steering wheel to how I want them and tried to connect my phone so it could be hands-free but I couldn’t, but no worries; whoever sits in the front passenger seat can answer the phone. My bags are packed and sitting in a pile. My heart is jumping out of my chest, I am ready to go!

Today’s joy is joyful anticipation.


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