July 5

Second time’s a charm —

Today I went up to New York city for the second time for my Brazilian Visa. This time I had been there and done that, so the whole thing was much quicker. However traffic kept me from getting to the train station when I wanted to. I was 7 minutes late and literally watched the train pull away as I got out of my car. I had an hour until the next train. This ended up being a huge blessing. I stopped in a little bakery on the main street of South Amboy. The owner talked about her fare and her shop. I got a delicious coconut scone and iced tea, it was too hot for hot tea (which is saying something coming from me). We chatted while I ate. She told me about her cake decorating and why she opened the shop after starting the business in her home. She asked me about my trip to New York. I explained how I was picking up my passport from the Brazilian Consulate after the visa system was down the other day. She asked me about my trip to Brazil. I told her all about Compassion and visiting Jose and how nerve-racking and exciting it all is. She told me about her cousin who does Habitat for Humanity and things like it and she gave me a bottle of water and $20 for my trip. “I like doing things like that when I can” She was a lovey woman with an adorable shop and I’m pretty sure we both made each others day.

I made the next train, got my passport with the visa for Brazil inside and after a smoothy and a walk to the actually square garden on Madison Ave., made my way home.

Today’s joy is missing a train so I could meet the owner of Soul Sisters Cakery Cafe.


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