July 3

All You have for me —

Yesterdays sermon was on Sampson. Today I consider what I do, where I go, and who I turn to when I’m looking for strength. Other things and people can help us, to be sure, but our underlying true strength comes from God – Nothing less. When I seek strength from other things I am not as strong as God would have me be, and so I miss out on doing all He created me to do.

I thought about all of that and realized I’ve been weeding out things that have been giving me false strength for some time now. I can see the long road Christ has walked with me; am I happy with the elevation I have overcome with his lead on the slow steady incline. He has lead me out of things that I didn’t even know where keeping me from the truth.I’m seeing him better everyday and recognizing that He is my rock, my strong tower, my strength.

Today’s joy is seeing God better every single day.


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