July 2

Golden Globe trotters —

At church we celebrated the birthday of a 90 year old and an 80 year old. The first is a writer. She started a writing group at church a while back and inspired me to broaden my writing chops and never give up. Her helped every one of us become a better writer and never once said she didn’t like a piece. The second is a man who shares my birthday (two days from today) and doesn’t seem a day over 65. He and his wife are going to the Dominican Republic next week to serve the people over there for several months. They have been doing this for years now. This couple is an inspiration to so many people in our church, they are beloved, and all they want to do is serve God by loving people. Its beautiful and I hope God still has me writing and globe trotting at that age too.

Today’ joy is seeing age bring wisdom and grace.


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