June 25

Ric’s Party —

Summer at the shore means parties. And my friend and fellow band member Ric throws a big one every year. His back yard gets giant tents and food from his restaurant and wine from local wineries and the music — oh the music. Ric is a PHENOMENAL  musician so he knows a multitude of other amazing musicians, all of whom he asks to come and play for a little while at his annual soiree. I came a little late, but was greeted with improv fusion jazz from the lawn by a wonderful trio lead by a hippie guitar player who were simply groovy.  The next group was a male and female duet who sang the most beautiful rendition of The Boxer since Simon and Garfunkel. And it on it continued. One group after another setting the mood for this amazing gathering. Somewhere in the middle, just before we went up to play, our host, Ric, let everyone know that this year’s party was more than just a get together, it was also a fund raiser for Cape Assist. So we all had a good time and gave to an important community program.

Today’s joy is the joy of a good cause, good music, and good friends.


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