June 21

Laundry Day —

I don’t have a washer and dryer at my house, something that I’m hoping to have remedied in the next year. But for now, I go over to my parents to do laundry. Today was one of those days. I headed over before my parents got home as started the first load. I had to go to a meeting that lasted longer than I expected. When I got home both of my parents were there. I continued my laundry and spent the time folding and waiting talking to both my mom and dad. And on the ride home I thought of all the bits of that happening that I could count that I was thankful for. They are both alive. They are together. They like having me over. I have a good relationship with each of them. I can go over to visit or do wash or whatever whenever I want. They live close enough that that is an option. They are always there for me. I can ask them for help or advise on anything. We can just sit and talk or sit and watch TV. We are family. I am far from perfect. And my parents aren’t perfect either. And we as a family are not perfect. But I am filled with joy each time I think if them.

Today’s joy is having my parents living so close and all that means.

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