June 18

Father’s Day —

There aren’t enough words to say this all properly, but here’s a short attempt. My dad is incredible. He always worked hard to provide for us. He taught us how to catch and throw (even two lefties). One year for Christmas we set up a video camera to catch Santa putting all the presents under the tree. We watched it the next day. At 11:59pm all was still and normal– then BOOM at 12:00 all the presents just appeared. Santa’s magic! Another year leading up to Christmas my dad worked in the back room much more often than he normally did. We heard all kinds of tools whirling and buzzing; we weren’t allowed in there when he was working because the tools were dangerous. On Christmas morning my brother, sister, and I came out to a handmade air hockey table complete with several pucks of varying colors. The flat board with the holes for the air, the fans, the paddles, the walls all expertly put together. We were the envy of the neighborhood that year. And I’m pretty sure we could pull that thing out and still use it today. We used to watch him play softball and I kept the book. Our childhood has a distinct soundtrack. My dad sings terribly, but loves music and gave each of us a great appreciation for good music. I hear certain songs and think of riding in our station wagon, or watching my dad soldering something at the kitchen table. And probably the best piece of advise he ever gave us, “Make a living doing something you enjoy. You are going to be doing it 40 hours a week for a very long time. It’s better to enjoy it and make a little less money, than hate it and be miserably wealthy.” There are a million more moment but these came to me first, so they are what made this blogs cut.

Today’s joy is my dad.

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