June 4

Song Hand Motions —

It’s been a while since I learned hand motions to a song. Okay, I was a teenage the last time, so “a while” might be a slight understatement. I worked at a summer camp called Haluwasa for a number of years and we had hand motions for almost every song we sang. This evening, while at our Staten Island Mission Trip meeting, we learned hand motions to three songs that we will be singing up at there. While I was learning the motions for “Create in Me” I was whooshed back to my summers of running around with Adventure Junction. I could feel the dirt roads under my feet, feel the heat and humidity of the days and the see the clear star-filled night sky. But mostly I could feel all the people I used to work with, who I used to sing all those songs with. I could feel them to my left and my right. I could hear them singing along, and see them in my peripheral doing the motions right along with us.

I trust the group that’s traveling up to Staten Island will bond. We’ll find our own inside jokes, have stories to tell about the kids we will encounter, and share moments where God wowed us on this trip– just like I have with my camp people. And I can’t wait to see how God orchestrates it.


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