June 2

Brazilian Fever —

 I got this in the mail today!

Compassion sent me a care box with the info I will need for my trip with them to Brazil! As I got home from school I found the package on my doorstep. Upon walking in, I dropped everything and sat and read the handbook on my back patio. The excitement (and a little bit of nervousness) for meeting mysponsored  child had me tearing up while I was reading it. Which is kind of funny because it was the fairly dry reading of dos and don’ts, how to avoid culture shock (which I personally found hilarious), what to pack, and some Portuguese you might want to learn. But in the packing section it had some examples of what you could bring your sponsored child. I had been thinking about it for weeks, and when I read that list… I just started crying. I’m so excited and nervous about that meeting. I’m not sure I’ve prayed about anything for myself quiet this firvently and specifically as I have about the day just two months from now when I will meet him. 

Today’s joy is Brazil being so very close!


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