May 27

Hanging with the band —

   This weekend I Am They is at our church. They have a concert this evening and two tomorrow morning on the schedule. Some of the members of the worship team here came to help them setup and be their gofers. After getting them loaded in and set up we listened to their sound check and got to talk and get to know them a little. They performed at 6 and afterward one of our church Deacons made dinner. The five of us who were helping them are with them, then just hung out for over an hour. It was so awesome getting to know them and talk to them about their lives, their kids, music, and vocal warm ups. We mentioned to one or two of them how goofy and layed back they are and how they would fit right in with our worship team. It was along day for them so they went to the hotel and slept. We stayed at the church for a long time after that playing and singing on the stage. We didn’t use their equipment, just their light and sound set up. We had so much fun singing, playing, and worshiping God. Adam forced us to go home around 11:30 so we can get up early and help out tomorrow morning. Bright. And. Early. 

Today’s joy is hanging with the band.

Photo credit: Cal Sampson @ Still Motion Photography


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