May 22

Observational Success —

This morning I had my choir over at the performing arts center in the morning for a rehearsal, so there was a sub in my room taking care of three of my classes. When we got back I gobbled down some lunch and get ready for the last two classes of the day. And the last period of my day I have some ‘heavy hitters,’ as we like to call them; Problem students that are tough enough by themselves, but together, at the end of the day, after  gym… well, you get the idea. And on top of all that, I got observed during that particular class. Today. It is my last observation of the year and both the observer and I have have very busy schedules. At this point I told her to come whenever she wanted because she needed to get them completed.

So it fell on last period today. I have 25 students in that class. Nine at a time on keyboard pianos and the rest on iPads doing work in Google Classroom. My room is full of students all doing different things. I walk around making sure every student on the piano has there hand in the correct position and is reading the notes while trying to make sure 16 students have wi-fi, have their passwords and are logged onto Google Classroom and not watching YouTube videos. Then they switch, so 9 other students get piano time and the first ones write in their piano reflection log, then log onto Google Classroom. It is organized chaos on it’s best day. And thankfully today, it was just that. Kids were mostly on task, I was able to get around to all the piano students with very little interruptions for tech needs and I was able to give my observer a very good view of what how this lesson was designed to work, because it did.

Today’s joy is the being observed on a crazy day, with a crazy class, and still feeling like I’m doing a good job.


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