May 21

Once Upon A Time–

Today Pastor Jeff, our youngest pastor, gave the message at church today. It was a continuation of his last sermon. Today’s was all about the main character. It was a great sermon with several good points. You can check it out online if you’d like ( The that stuck with me the most was how we only know other characters through the main character. And Jeff contested that we can only really know anything, and especially ourselves through THE main character, God. When we look at ourselves we see the good, the bad, and the ugly. And some of us see too much of the good and end up conceded, some see too much of the bad and end up feeling unredeemable, and others see too much of the ugly and are depressed and/or frustrated. But we don’t see ourselves clearly or completely until we look from God’s perspective. For example: If I’m not good at something than A. I need to work and grow to better myself at it. B. That’s not what God has created me for and I should leave it to someone else. or in some cases C. A little of both.

When I see myself through His eyes, the good, the bad, and the ugly become, what He has created me to be, what I have been forgiven for, and what I can work on. And the same applies when I see others too.

Today’s joy is the joy of a sermon applied.

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