May 20

Free Stuff–

So today we had breakfast at the hotel, checked out, the band played, my choir sang, and we went to Dorney Park. While there the band director and I rode the best ride of the day first, with no line, we had an award ceremony where both groups did “Excellent” (that has quotes because it is one. Our groups were ranked in the Excellent category), and finally we came home with very little traffic and everyone was picked up quickly. Many good things that I could have chosen as my joy. But today I also got a little extra. First, I got a free beverage. I didn’t want to pay $4 for a water so I thought the small soda fountain drink would be less, and I can still get water from the soda fountain. When I asked for a small she pulled the big cup, and I said, “No, how much is the small one?” It was right next to the cups she pulled from. She replied that she wasn’t sure and would check. She went to the back and asked someone and came back with, “I’m not sure how much they are, do you just want a cup?” I just stood there unsure of what she meant, but then she handed me the cup and said, “That will be…” which is how much my meal was without a drink. So I got my water and didn’t have to pay. Score!

Later we went to Dinosaurs Alive! which is like Jurassic Park with animatronics. It was a $5 entry fee. When we got to the gate, the guy at the register was having some trouble with the receipt printer. It only took him about five minutes to get it worked out, meanwhile the four of us were happily chatting while we waited looking at the “Do not feed the dinosaurs” and such signs and maps. When he was all sorted, I handed the cashier my money. He handed it back. “I’m sorry I made you wait so long, go ahead in.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah, you and your group, go ahead.”
After we walked through the gate the band director said to the two girls who were with us, “Just follow Ms. Camizzi around; you get free stuff.”

From these two experiences I gather it is probably Dorney’s policy to not make customers wait too long and to give them something for free if you feel an interaction took too long; which is a wonderful policy to keep park goers happy. But it was still a great day.

Today’s joy is the joy of lucky breaks.

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