May 18

The Night Before–

The night before a trip I am almost always up late. I leave packing and cleaning until the last minute, so whether I like it or not, I’m up late getting everything done. Today is the same thing. So it’s well past my “bedtime” and I have my hot tea and my empty travel bag, ready to stay up as late as I need to get everything ready. It’s become a ritual for me, one I’ve come to enjoy. The quiet of the night outside juxtapositioned against my excitement for the next day’s adventures inside me. All I have to get done against the hours and minutes that tick ever closer to the departure time. These opposing forces are all reconciled by a cup of tea, a list, and doing one thing after another until I can do no more. Finally the bliss I feel when my head hits the pillow for a few hours or rest before my next adventure.

Today’s joy is the joy of the night before.


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