May 15

Manic Monday —

My work day ends at 2:45. I didn’t leave school until 5 pm today. I was underwater with what needed to be done so I stayed until I felt like I would be able to breathe tomorrow. When I got home I was starving, but had several things to do. I looked in vain for a book I misplaced until I was in a tizzy. I had to calm down.  I made myself some food, sat down to watch TV, and forced myself to stop and relax. As I lowered myself into my airchair and took my first sip of warm soup my muscles started to relax. My brain began to calm. My spirit began to rest. I still had too much to do, and didn’t get it all done, but my spirit was able to emerge from under the pressure of this oppressive day.

Today’s joy is learning to take a beat within the storm.


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