May 12

Author Visit —

Today Gordon Korman visited our school. His has written over 50 books for youth and young adults. He spoke to each grade level so every student in the school got to hear him. He also did a question and answer lunch with a small group of students who won the privilege by winning essay and illustration contests or by answering questions about Gordon Korman and being randomly picked from the correct answers. I got to sit in on the lunch for about twenty minutes. It was very interesting to meet him, shake his hand, and hear him talk about life, his family, writing, and all the other things the students asked him about. They had such good questions for him! His interactions with the students were so casual, but always on point and professional. He wasn’t in a rush. His took his time thinking about the answers and responded in a conversational way that encouraged the students to ask something else. I felt bad for him because while a student would stop once, maybe twice to ask a question, Gordon had to stop eating to respond to every one of them. But he seemed to be enjoying the event as much as the kids were. Meanwhile, the teachers in the back, especially we avid readers, were fan girling big time, but keeping it in check and just soaking in the experience.

Today’s joy is meeting someone who’s books I have read and enjoyed.

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