May 10

By the dawn’s early light? —

The first line of a fun camp says, “Don’t try to tell me that God is dead; He woke my up this morning!” And today that is exactly what happened. My phone is usually my alarm clock, but I had misplaced my phone and figured it was at school, so I used my travel alarm clock instead. I sent the alarm and made sure it was set for AM (because I’ve done that before). When I woke up this morning the sun was a little too bright and my house a little too warm for it to be 5:50am. I had my mini freak out before I found the clock to se it was 6:26am. The clock was working, the alarm was set, why didn’t it go off? After further inspection I realized that for whatever reason, probably having something to do with Russian time zone (that’s the last place I used my travel clock), the AM/PM had been switch, so when I looked at the clock at 10:45 last night, it was actually reading 10:45AM and I didn’t notice. But 6:26am is early enough to get ready and be on time, I actually made it to school earlier than normal. All because He woke me up this morning.

Today’s joy is knowing He cares enough to wake me up this morning.

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