April 22

Rainy Saturday in the House —

Today was a rainy Saturday. We had a loose plan of going to the gardens or a farmers market today, but the weather had other ideas, so we stayed indoors. Instead, today was filled with playing and napping and crawling all over the house just like yesterday. My brother and I watching two soccer matches and three baseball games while we kept an eye on the baby. He would sometimes decide to stop playing with his toys and watch with us for a while, then go back to his toys. It was adorable.  We had Vietnamese food last night, my first time, so I had leftovers for lunch today; I softened the rice paper and filled it with the noodles, beef, and greens and topped it with a peanut sauce. The afternoon was filled with baseball and more playing and chasing. The evening brought my sister-in-law’s ten-year-old niece over for a few hours. We talked about Harry Potter, she is rereading them, and what life will be like in middle school. My brother grilled a chicken for dinner. Nothing special, but everything special, because it was family.

Today’s joy is the joy of family.


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