April 19

Paint Date —

A friend of mine and I had a “creative inspiration” day. We started by going to a local-ish (an hour away) museum in a town where she used to live. We saw a photo exhibition and a small in-house collection. Afterward we got sandwiches from a local  Italian deli. There were expensive, but delicious and we both got at least two meals out of the “half” sized sandwich we ordered. After picking-up the food we traveled to Haluwasa- a camp, where I used to work, that has lakes. After lunch on the green chairs, we went down to the boating dock to find a nice place for some plein air painting. After about 20 minutes neither of us could take the wind that had only kicked up after we settled in, so we took a walk around the lake to see if we could find a better place for painting. We found the perfect spot at the basketball court. As it was on our way out, we packed up the car and headed over. After settling into a painting routine for a second time, we painted for forty-five minutes and finally commented to each other that this new place was the perfect choice. While Ginny’s two pieces are far superior to mine, I enjoyed the time and completed my first “successful” plein air painting. We drove home having thoroughly enjoyed getting our creative juices flowing and time with each other.

Today’s joy is enjoying art with an artsy friend.


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