April 16

Easter Sunday —

“Sonrise” service started my day outside church this morning with beautiful music (I wasn’t scheduled for this service so I got to be a congregate), a lovely sermon about God’s promises, a rainbow to remind us of those promises, a perfect temperature, and a church family that allowed me to smile and worship freely.

I was excited and nervous in equal measure while setting up both basses for 9am service. Playing an instrument I have basically been playing for two days in front of the entire congregation at two services was weighing on my mind, but I was just as excited about it. And Easter morning has it’s own set of stress and worry and a brilliant charge on energy as well. The delight and exuberance of Easter morning is hard to contain, and lets be honest, why would you want to? But this mix of anxiety of setting up and energy is tough for a worship team, and it’s particularly tough when the congregation is so full we run out of seats. But we got through set up and sound check and readied ourselves to start the service letting God’s love flow and our worship rise unencumbered by worldly worries. Both services had moments of laughter, mistakes, sighs of relief, and joy at the sound of the children’s choir.

As I broke my stuff down, all felt right with the world and my heart we completely full of joy. Spending my time in this place, doing what I did, with these people was exactly where I supposed to be. I could feel it in my heart, body, and soul.

I quickly went home got changed and drove to my parents house were they, my grandfather (who turned 91 yesterday), my sister and I all spent the afternoon and evening, watching the Phillies game, eating dinner, sitting on the porch listening to classical music and guessing the composer as each piece came on. Perfect weather, perfect afternoon/evening, spent with my family. Perfect.

Today’s joy is perfect weather and people to share it with.


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