April 15

91 Years Old —

Today is my grandfather’s 91st birthday! My grandfather (who we grand kids call Father), three of his kids and spouses, four of his grand kids and a spouse, and one of his great grand kids all got together today. We went up the road to a great restaurant about half way between the furthest people apart. The entire night was perfect.

The atmosphere was good spirited, without loud music bombarding us, and voices from other tables didn’t make it to ours over a murmur, so all 12 of us could hear each other. The food was good. The wine was excellent.  And the staff was exceptionally friendly and helpful. My dad made a cake and they brought it out with candles, then cut it for us.

Father told us stories. One was about how he helped his great grandfather Peter up the stairs one day, he was born in 1834. He talked to and held the hand of a family member who was alive before the civil war. Then he touched my sisters hand and said, “Now you have living cells that go all the way back to 1834.” Tears welled in my eyes.

Today’s joy is the joy of longevity.


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