April 13

We’re All in this Together —

Today’s school day was a half day with a pep rally in the middle of it. That is not a joyful thought for me. However, two thoughts gave me the strength to pull through: It’s the half day before Spring Break, I can do this; and my choir is FINALLY performing this song at the pep rally.

Let me back track so you understand the latter. At the end of last school year my choir wanted to learn We’re All in the Together, so we started it. It wasn’t ready for the concert, so I promised we would work on it for next year. We started in September learning the song and dance and the kids asked if we could do it for the fall pep rally. I have a small choir so I asked the Step Team and cheer leaders to join us to make it a very large group of kids really embracing the idea of the song in front of the whole school. I sent both groups the lyrics and the video to learn the dance. Both groups were unable to get ready by the Fall pep rally, it was short notice anyway, so we shelved it for the Winter, when both agreed to be ready. A little while before the Winter pep rally I reached out to those groups to see how they were progressing and to make sure they would be ready. Both groups again pulled out. So we re-shelved it for the Spring pep rally with the promise from both groups that they would have time to get it ready by then.

Today it finally all came together; the Choir, the Step Team, and a few cheerleaders got to perform, together. The entire school crammed into the gym cheered them on as the sang and danced. It’s wasn’t without it’s glitches, but in the end the kids performed with energy, excitement, and panther pride. And this panther couldn’t be more proud of them.

Today’s joy is seeing it all come together.


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