April 11

Double Bass Bliss —

A couple at my church has given me permission to use their upright bass to play in Sundays! They brought it to rehearsal this evening and I had a ball figuring it all out. Our violin player helped me with holding and using the bow and plucking properly, it’s all just slightly different than the electric bass (lol). Sunday is Easter, so this may not have been the week to throw a new instrument, but I had fun playing around with it, and I’m sure we will get it going soon enough. I’m so excited I plan to go back to church tomorrow to practice alone, so I’m not hindering practice like I did a little this evening.  The sound of the boxed double bass is like nothing else. It can sound as wounded elk’s moan or a tear evoking beautiful tone and can change from the latter to the former in a heartbeat, especially when someone like me is playing. So I look forward to every minute I can get with my new beautiful friend and look forward to making music together.

Today’s joy is the joy of a new toy.


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