April 8

Baseball Legends and Swan Lake–

This morning I helped serve at our church’s annual Men’s breakfast. This year Mookie Wilson (of Miracle Mets fame) came to speak. He had great things to share about faith in Jesus and baseball alike. Of walked out of breakfast better than I walked in.

After breakfast I went home and got some choir stuff done, always a good feeling, and then left for Camp Haluwasa and the annual Spring Banquet. Before the festivities began I walked around to take pictures (some are below). On a breezy day, the water on the lakes was choppy, but in the middle of Lake HeKeMeSi (He Keeps Me Singing) was a white swan sailing along.

The Spring Banquet had a musical group and speaker from Cairn University in Philly. Laudate performed piano and guitar music during dinner and two sung pieces as a performance. The talented foursome was wonderful to hear. Dr. Todd Williams, University President shared about his personal experiences with Christian camps and how positive an impact camps can have on both the campers and staffers alike. After a fun filled, jam packed day, I drove over an hour home and crawled into bed fell asleep warm and contented.

Today’s joy is a full day of fun events.



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