March 21

Pencil Holders–

Our worship team is always looking for something to write with during rehearsals. It happens all the time. And when we have pencils (or pens, much to my chagrin) they sit on the stand, they get in the way or fall off and it’s simply not a good place to store them. So I made pencil holders for to attach to the stand. I was inspired from something I was at Michael’s. There I saw a small brightly colored leather strip folded on itself made to attach to a journal. A pen with a clip can hook on to it. I modified the idea and made my own pencil holders. They are much bigger than the originals because the can hold writing utensils without a clip. They are dark in color so the blend in with the music stand and aren’t a distraction to the congregation. They are handsewn with love for the people who will use them every week.

Today’s joy is the joy of filling a need.


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