March 18

Freedom in change–

Several times in my life I’ve been in a place or a job and it was good, even amazing. But as time passed I realized it was time for me to move on. The reasons were always different, but my time there was coming to a close. Sometimes I lived that place/job and didn’t want to move on, I fought it and stayed there longer than God had planned for me. In those times I felt empty and frustrated and realized afterword that if I had left when I first felt the push I would have much healthier, happy memories. Other times I left right when I felt the push and there was such peace in those decisions even when others wondered why I would give up so much money or great opportunities. I’ve been fighting a change for a few years now. I felt like I was obligated to play a particular role and it now brings me frustration where there was once joy. Today I gave it up. The decision not to resume this role has brought me such peace and joy!  I know there will be people who don’t understand and it may change perceptions of me by those involved, but it is a call I’ve been putting off for too long. My faith is not in the known, but in what God has for me next.

Today’s joy is the unknown.


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