March 13

Sparkling Water–

Regular water is boring. After a while drinking it is a chore instead of the refreshing, replenishing thing that it actually is. To solve this problem for myself, I started buying bottles of sparkling water. The carbonation brought a little joy to my water drinking. It helped to much that I wanted carbonated water all the time. So instead of continuing that much bottled water, which was bad for my wallet and the environment, I looked into other options. A Soda Stream was my answer. I carbonate my water at home and it works great. The CO2 tanks eventually empty and need replaced. Today was replacement day. This morning when I carbonated my water it was barely noticeable because the tank was almost empty, but this evening I get a replacement tank. When I injected my water this evening, it was more effervescent on the lowest setting that it had been on the highest setting for the last week. A small joy to be thankful for today and each day I enjoy my sparkling water.

Today’s joy is the joy of bubbles.

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