March 7

Words with Friends–

Games online are one of the ways I get to connect with people in a way I don’t always get in real life. I am Facebook friends with a guy I went to highschool with, so Words with Friends recommended us to each other for a game. He sent me a request and we started playing. We’ve played several games now and we are very evenly matched. He wins some, I win others, we had a game where we each played 50+ point words 5 times in a row. I broke the streak and he hit me with another one. It was a tough game that he ended up winning by almost 100 points. Those ones always hurt, but I’ve done it to others, so it’s only fair it happens to me every once in awhile. My joy comes from the healthy, friendly, competition that happens when you are evenly matched with someone. It’s a great way to hone both of your skills. If the other player isn’t as good as you you play easier, or just have all the bonuses fall in your lap. If they are much better than you, you get quickly defeated and when you get that rack of all vowels it keeps you from ever trying because there’s no point, at some point you just play to get the game over with. So that friendly match of even skills is fun and happily accepted.

Today’s joy is the joy of friendly competition.


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