March 1

Time Flies —

I can’t believe it is march already. This school year is flying by. It feels like last month we were on the 6th grade camping trip. And in it all God is faithful. When things seemed overwhelming, and I thought, “I need to get all of this done so we can…” I prayed for peace and walked in the day, doing “one thing at a time and doing it well” and then moving on to the next thing, checking off each item on the list until it was completed. And each day the list would just fill up again. The circle of life. The day to day that has to happen. And yet in that I have been more aware of taking care of people over getting things done, and when I do that, I still manage to get everything that needs to be done complete. Not always what I WANT to get done, but what needs to be done, always is. God knows, He give me (and you) enough for that day. The more I live in his kingdom each day, the more I want to spend time with people and care for and about them, over getting a list all checked off.

Today’s joy is the joy of seeking Him and his Kingdom first, and finding all my needs taken care of each and every day.


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