February 27

The Dentist

Most people do not think of JOY when they hear the word dentist, but I love my dentist. My first memories of the dentist were happy ones. He let us water the plant on the corner by spraying it with the water pik. My brother and I walked out with a bag of goodies including a new toothbrush, a travel toothpaste, and a sticker. Today I went to the dentist after a pretty long time, just because I like my dentist doesn’t mean I make an appointment every 6 months. The dental hygienist asked questions and talked as if I saw her last week as she cleaned my teeth. We talked about school and music and life in general. I thought as she did most of the talking how good she is at making people feel at ease, and talked about whatever she thought I wanted to talk about. She has a gift, I’m sure it developed over time working there, but she was so good at making it feel like a conversation even though she did 95% of the talking, as her hands were in my mouth most of the time. Even though I didn’t water the plant, as an adult, I still walked out with my goodie bag and a smile.

Today’s joy is the joy of a kind dental staff.


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