February 23

Dance Party

We had an assembly today on diversity. The focus was bullying and our own prejudices. The choir was asked to do a number. I only had the think for a minute to come up with Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror. The choir was excited to sing and dance it, the audience was excited to hear it. At the end of the assembly the last skit was about how we may prefer specific types of music, but we can appreciate and respect that others have a different preference. I didn’t know he was going to do this, but Mr. Farrow, the teacher who ran the assembly, invited everyone who participated in the assembly and teachers on stage to join an onstage dance party at the very end. The choir happily piled on the stage and as they walked by each one remarked, “Come on, Ms. Camizzi!” “You’re coming up too, right?” “Come up and dance!” So of course, I joined the end of the cue for the stairs to the stage. Only one other teacher besides Mr. Farrow joined us, but it was fun dancing with the kids. We did some simple techno moves over and over, easy, but fun to do with the kids. It was great to walk around the stage and dance with different students as the song went on.

Today’s joy is dancing with my students.

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