February 22

Walking commute

Yesterday the VP at my school mentioned how nice it was going to be all week, and asked if I was going to be walking. He got me thinking, after checking the weather for temperatures, winds, and precipitation expectancies, I decided today would be a great day to walk to school, so I did. Ahh, talk about freedom and peace. I walked to school most of my time as a student. I rode a bus for half of one year and drove my senior year, the rest of the time, it was walking. Last year and this fall I walked to school fairly regularly, getting back into the old habit. I enjoyed the morning air and the peace I got from slowly waking up as I walked. And in the afternoons the decompression time to let the school day go and being ready to take on the things I have going on at home. It’s a wonderful thing in my life that I am sure will be making my “joy of the day” list again. While getting myself prepared (packing a change of clothes) and giving myself the time to walk weren’t easy at first, they are now a normal part of my routine that make the days just a little more joyful.

Today’s joy is the joy of getting back on track.

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