February 12

Today I was at a church where a friend of mine was preaching. He is always a good speaker so I was excited to hear this morning’s sermon. Taking notes in one form or another has become a standard practice for me. Whether it’s sketches or words, putting what I’m hearing onto paper lets me think about what what the speaker is saying and how I can apply it in my life, these two things aren’t always the same thing. Anyway, after church this morning, my friend and I were talking and he noticed my notes. He picked them up and read them over quickly. “I like reading people’s notes on my sermons,” he said, “that’s not the point I was trying to make at all!” with a chuckle. But the notes encouraged him, I could tell, and it made me joyful. I was doing my normal thing, and it encouraged someone else, completely unintentionally.

Today’s joy is encouraging friends.


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