February 11

Paint Party

Today I threw my first Date Night-Paint Night. It was at a friends church. Six couples attended and a great time was had by all. Each person had their own take on the project so each couple’s work fit them. I gave initial instructions and asked if anyone had questions and let everyone get started. As they began to put paint to canvas, I walked around and helped them with blending, sketching letters, or whatever else they needed at the moment. The couples got to know each other chatting and laughing as they went. Some couples each person had their own canvas and they didn’t touch each others at all, other couples passed their canvases back and forth. But each pair made a beautiful unique expression of LOVE. Many of them came in with trepidation, not knowing if they would be able to do the creative work that was expected. As I walked them through the process step by step I could see their nervousness and unease subside the farther they got into the project until their faces and bodies relaxed until I could see that they actually started enjoying it.

Today’s joy is helping others thrive at something new.


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