February 10

Friend Anticipation

Tomorrow I’m heading up the road to spend the weekend with friends. I can’t wait. I’m even considering driving up tonight. I could spend every day with these people and never get tired of seeing them, but they live two hours away, so getting to spend time together is a treat. It’s a doubly exciting trip because the reason I’m heading up there is to do a paint party. My first as Juniper Branch. I’m happy that my fledgling event will be among friends. My friends have three children. So when I stay over I play games, read book, do art projects, and play pretend with the kids. After the kids are in bed, ahhh. We sit and the table and talk for hours- as many hours as we can before our eyes droop and force us to abandon our vigil. The next morning I wake up and go upstairs to do it all over again. It’s one of my favorite places in the world. And just like Christmas Eve, the anticipation of visiting them brings me great comfort & joy.

Today’s joy is the anticipation of spending time with friends.

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