February 9

My Additional Responsibilities

This year I took on an additional role at school. It has lead me to step outside of my box and deal with the other staff members in the building much more often than I used to. I am naturally  an introvert. I talk to two or three people for non-professional reasons, and whomever I have to for professional reason and I’m good. I have no need to walk to the other side of the building, or even down the hall, to talk to people just to be social. This is a very hard thing for extroverts to understand; to you it may sound like I’m a recluse or just plain rude or self-absorbed. However, if someone came to talk to me I would be happy to talk to them about everything going on in their life, asking about their children or latest adventures. And, well, this blog isn’t about explaining my introverted tendencies, it is to say, that this new position has forced me out of my room. I go to other people and start brand new unsolicited conversations, often about unpleasant things. And it has stretched me. I’m on a steep learning curve. I go through days where I think, “I could have handled that so much better. Why did I say it like that?” And other days I handle a situation better than I expected to. It’s been fun and scary at the same time. I feel encouraged and that I have SO much more to learn simultaneously. I have only been doing this since September and I can look back and see how much I’ve grown. I always have more to improve, but I have found God stretching me and showing me a better way of dealing with and talking to people.  Where I am weak, He is strong. And He is showing me each day how to be stronger.

Today’s joy is the joy of weaknesses confronted.


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