February 7

Sick day visitor

Today I was home sick from work. It is restful and I even got some tidying done around the house. A friend came over in the afternoon to keep me company. It was a rare pleasure to have someone over. For whatever reason, I don’t have many visitors. We sat in the kitchen and started by talking about politics, she had just been at a congressman’s office sharing her concerns. Later we talked about my house, I gave her the “grande tour” and the story of its renovation. And we talked about the Bible study we are doing together. Our time was honest and I felt that not a moment of it was wasted. We shared and received. We said things that the others eyes, reminded us of a story, and made us think deeper about our own view or understanding. It was a beautiful time. It also let me know, I’m still not feeling well. After she left I felt so worn down, and we had mostly just sat at talked. In all, her visit left me contented, at peace with where I am in the world, and right this moment.

Today’s joy is a a welcome visitor.

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