February 4

Girl’s Lock-In

Today we had an event for the girls in our school. In the evening they all came back to stay over the night. We had events and activities that lasted until 1am, after that, sleep was encouraged as we all layed out our sleeping bags or air mattresses or blankets and pillows out in the gym floor. One of the activities was “Ask a High School Girl” – two high schools who we knew and trusted talked to groups of about 10 girls. They got to ask them any questions they wanted. I was in the room, but not near the conversations, this gave our girls the opportunity to ask to real and personal questions about high school. Some stayed very surface level and asked about the new high schedule, after school activities, and colleges. Some get a little deeper asked social activities while others dug right in asking about dating, boys, snapchat, and the like. The high school girls answered all of their questions and tried to gear the conversations in healthy mature ways. After that last group of middle school girls left the high schools what they talked about and the recanted all the tales (but without names). They told me how the 6th graders were so cute and innocent, about the seventh graders being boy crazy and silly, and how the 8th graders ranged from asking about honors classes and colleges to being disrespectful and talking right over them while they tried to answer questions. They were amazing at how much girls change from their first year in this school to their last, reflecting on their own time here and asking me, “Were we like that?” These high school Juniors and Seniors reminded me that time flies. I felt like they were just singing in my choir they year before, yet years have gone by and they have matured into intelligent young women, beautiful inside and out.

Today’s joy is the joy of being a teacher, and seeing your students grow.


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