February 3

Spelling Bee

Today our school had our 3rd annual spelling bee in front of the entire school. I am a horrid speller and if it weren’t for autocorrect and spell check I would never feel competent enough to write a blog or even a postcard. So my admiration for the students who participate in this event is high. The entire school is in the audience and the top 10 spellers from each grade is on stage. 30 spellers in 30 chairs and one microphone. They take turns traversing up to the mic, listen to a word and it’s sentence, ask about origin and alternate pronunciations if needed, and then spell the word the best they know how. This is the stuff of nightmares for me. For many of these students, being on stage in front of the entirety of their peers is nerve-racking, bees being the only time they are likely to be on a stage until graduation. It is amazing to be in the audience with the rest of the students. They encourage classmates by clapping and cheering. Some have even made signs for their homeroom compatriots. The entire school made up of 11-14 year olds, sat for two hours while classmates spelled one word after another, attentively watching the event. At the end, a roar of cheers which was pretty equally for the winner (and other participants) and the end of the bee itself. My respect of the participants and my pride in the behavior of the entire student body cannot be denied. P.S. -If you have never see Akeela and the Bee, it is well worth watching.

Today’s joy is my respect and admiration of my students.

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