February 2

Step Team Performance

Today our school’s step team performed a Black History Month presentation for the entire school. There were a few high school students and a few from the elementary school, but the production’s cast was mostly middle schoolers. The performance was amazing. They shared dances and skits that showed important moments in African Americans’ heritage and our history. A dance representing a village in Africa, a monolog about people being shipped like cargo across an ocean, a skit of enslaved siblings and how they might have talked about literacy and Harriet Tubman, a dance/skit of the underground railroad, a group of teens in the 60’s talking about separate but equal and going to a rally, four young students singing Imagine, the 70’s in a dance, and a modern day family at the dinner table talking about history and how it impacts our lives today. The choreography was beautiful. The skits were perfectly written, timed, costumed, staged, and acted. The performance as a whole had a clear message and the flow was exquisite. All three of the directors and each and every student deserve a standing ovation, for their hard work brilliantly displayed their talents and passions with us.

Today’s joy is watching our talented students.


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