January 16

Amazing things that happen when we look at the good people leave the world with. And while we honor people, today it’s Martin Luther King Jr., I’m reminded that each one of us has something to offer the world. God created each of us with a unique set of qualifications to share the Truth with the world around us. Some of us will share it with a very small sphere of people, while other’s, like Dr. King, will share it with the whole world. Today I’m called to share what I have with the people around me. And to appreciate the gifts the people around me share. We all need each other, because no one has it all. Encouraging each other to share and grow and being willing to put that work in ourselves, shares life and truth with each person we come in contact with. The best people to be around are those that lift others up. Life isn’t a competition where there isn’t enough room for everyone. We don’t have to beat others down to make our way to the top. If we build up the people around us we all make it together. What gifts have you been given? How can you share each one with one person? 10? A mulititide? What gifts do you see in those around you? How can you encourage them to share them with someone today?

Today’s joy is the joy of doing what you are created for.


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