January 14

Shopping with Mom

Today my mom and I took my sister to the airport. On the way home we stopped at the mall. We went in a few stores even though neither of us really needed anything. “Want to go anywhere else?” my mom asked. 

“Nah, I’m good”
“How about we stop at the new book store?” She knows me well. So we went and it was a breath of relaxation. I could live in a book store or library. “You hungry?” she asked. 
“I could eat.” We spotted a sports bar type chain restaurant we had never been to before and decided to try it. It was loud, the food wasn’t fantastic, and they didn’t serve hot tea. But…
It was a night out with my mom. When I was younger, once in a while, she and I would go out to a doughnut shop, she would get a doughnut and tea, I would get a muffin and hot chocolate, and we would talk, just the two of us. Tonight was like that, except the talking had to be about what was on one of the giant screens all around us, because they were screaming for our attention- the insane skiers who get dropped off by helicopters and all the various sports playoffs and games blaring at us. So we did, and I enjoyed it. As I’ve already stated the atmosphere was not preferred by my aural or visual faculties, and the food was mediocre, but time with my mom, just me and her, is precious. So during the shopping time, dinner, and the car ride, whether we were talking, laughing, discussing, or sitting quietly, I was making a memory keepsake. I cherished these times as a kid and I don’t want to lose that as an adult. Real time with a parent is good and special and important. I won’t let it slip by unappreciated. 
Today’s joy is time with the momma. 

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